Digital Paintings

Each of these was made in Adobe Photoshop in less than a week - entirely by mouse too. I enjoy doing these paintings the most because they're quick, easy, and the results speak for themselves.

Digital Painting Prices:

Acrylic Paintings

All of these were painted with acrylic paint. Many of them using cotton swabs, toothpicks, and two strawbrushes. Some with only the primary colors. Others under both these conditions. Prices assume 16 x 20 in. canvases

Acrylic Painting Prices:


Done in Illustrator for both clients and educational purposes

Logo Prices:

Cartoon Portraits

Easily my most popular form of commission, these artworks reflect my passion for cartoons and animated content. I can emulate a variety of cartoon and anime styles as well.

Cartoon Portrait Prices:

Pride Flag Edits

One of the quickest types of commissions for me to complete. Simply send me a photo or selfie of yourself, and I'll edit it in your country's flag color scheme or your favorite pride flag color scheme. Photos with good contrast and clear focus are preffered.

Flag Edit Prices:

Mini Canvas Paintings

Cute, Colorful, and Compact. These mini canvases are ideal for anyone who doesn't have room or budget for a big, bulky canvas. They may be small, but these affordable mini paintings will spruce up any workspace, bedroom, or dormitory. Combine several to make a puzzle-style illustration. Sizes range from 2 x 2 in. - 7 x 9 in.

Mini Canvas Prices: